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Summit Resources

In preparation for this event, the following resources may be helpful in understanding both North Carolina schools and the importance of data science education.

Data Science is a Growing Career Field

North Carolina is projected to add more than 389,000 new jobs between 2017 and 2026. Computer and Mathematical Occupations are projected to be one of the fastest growing occupational groups.

Details in the link below the image

An analysis of job posting data conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute shows a shift in the types of skills that employers are seeking with a growing emphasis on advanced quantitative and computational skills, including statistical modeling, predictive analytics, the programming language Python, and strategic management. Many employers are looking for “expertise in strategic management, data science, and machine learning.”

automation and ai could shift demand for different types of workforce skills

McKinsey global institute analysis graphic on page 54.

Facts and Figures about North Carolina Public Schools

North Carolina public schools serve over 1,357,000 students in 115 school districts with 93,461 teachers (map 1). 67% of NC school districts are in rural counties (map 2).

Map of the 8 school districts in North Carolina
Map indicating that 67% of NC school districts are in rural counties.