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DSA Newsletter

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Submissions for Quarterly Newsletter and/or Student Opportunities Email

Submit an entry for the DSA Quarterly Newsletter and for the DSA Student Opportunities monthly email. Please keep in mind not all entries will be included based on DSA content and number of submissions received. If you have questions, please contact the Digital Communications Coordinator, Haley Houser ( 

DSA Quarterly Newsletter

  • Audience – 1000 subscribers, consist of faculty, staff, students, alumni and patrons interested in data science
  • Content – data science related:
    • Articles – research, current events, related topics, etc.
    • Events – on and off campus
    • Faculty & student highlights
    • Employment Opportunities
  • Published/email frequency
    • First week of March (submissions due 2/15)
    • First week of June (submissions due 5/15)
    • First week of September (submissions due 8/15)
    • First week of December (submissions due 11/15)

DSA Student Opportunities email

  • Audience – students registered for a DSA course
  • Content – data science related:
    • Data science events – on and off campus
    • Internship Opportunities
    • Employment Opportunities
    • Competitions, conferences, resume building events
  • Published/email frequency
    • Monthly – first week of each month (submissions due 25th of the month prior)
      • December/January one email (submissions due 11/25)
      • June/July one email (submissions due 5/25)