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Course Collaboration Leaders

Course Collaboration Leaders (CCLs) are NC State students who facilitate spaces where Data Science Academy students can work together on assignments and projects.

Work with your peers in a friendly, inclusive, collaborative environment where everyone is welcome and respected. Our undergraduate Course Collaboration Leaders (CCLs) will be there to help answer questions and support the formation of study groups. All DSA students are welcome.

A few ways to collaborate:

  1. Visit the Course Collaboration Leaders Office Hours – In person. Study space located at #3428 South Consultation B in the Data Experience Lab in D.H. Hill Library (CCL office hours are all online for Spring 2024).
  2. Visit the Course Collaboration Leaders Office Hours – Online. Join the Zoom room at this link: DSA Zoom room.
  3. Find a study buddy / group. The DSA is committed to collaborative learning. It is part of academic integrity to give credit for this help. On your assignments, share who (or what websites) helped you. To get the best learning experience, take a bit of time to think independently before seeking help. Sometimes you may come up with novel ideas that nobody else would have considered!
  4. Ask a Question on Your Class Discussion Board and/or Communicate with Your Teacher. You may have a discussion forum space in moodle set up for your class, where you may be able to ask questions that your instructor or peers may be able to respond to to help you out!
  5. Contact the NC State Libraries Data Helpdesk Consultants. Find information at the link here: Get Data Science Help.
  6. Attend Your Instructor’s Office Hours (Check your syllabus for details) Check your syllabus or Moodle site for details.

Spring 2024 Schedule

Mon.11am-1pm: Jake M.1-3pm: Raphael P.5-6pm:
Eric W.
Tues.9-10am: Vrishank G.10-11am: Ayesha D.11-12pm:
Eric W.
1-2pm: Raphael P.4-5pm: Eric W.6-8pm: Vrishank G.
Wed. 5-6pm:
Eric W.
6-8pm: Rebecca S.
Thurs.10-11am: Ayesha D. 11-12pm:
Eric W.
12-1pm: Vrishank G.1-2pm:
Evan D.
Fri. 11am-1pm: Jake M.1-2pm:
Evan D.
Sat.9am-12pm: Rebecca S.
Sun. 11am-1pm: Jake M.
This is the weekly schedule for virtual CCL office hours.

Current Course Collaboration Leaders (CCLs)

  • Eric W.: R, Python, and general programming questions 
  • Evan D.:  R, Python, Clustering, Data Viz
  • Jake M.: Python, Data Viz, Stats, Linear/Multiple Regression, Introductory ML w/ TensorFlow & Sklearn
  • Rebecca S.:  R, Python, Web Scraping & Data Wrangling, SAS, Excel/SQL, general programming 
  • questions
  • Ayesha D.: R, Python, Data Viz, Tableau, SAS, ML, data comm., regression, general  programming 
  • questions
  • Vrishank G.: R, Python, Data Viz, general programming questions, general ML concepts
  • Raphael P. : R, Python, and general programming questions