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Data Science Consulting

Data science consulting is part of how the Data Science Academy (DSA) provides collaborative research support to NC State researchers and students.

Move your research forward: ask questions, request a consultation and get the help you're looking for.

About Data Science Consulting

The DSA’s Consulting Research Assistants focus on the full data science lifecycle, providing research enablement for intermediate to advanced projects.

Graduate student consultants bring their subject-matter expertise and work in teams, offering clients support in a wide variety of data science applications and techniques.

A diagram of circles showing the data lifecycyle, with stages, from left to right, of generation, collection, processing, storage, management, analysis, visualization and interpretation.
The data lifecycle

We provide support through education, consultation and collaboration, and grant-funded research support.

We collaborate closely with the NC State Libraries’ Data and Visualization Services. Together, we are supporting two joint Research Assistant positions with the Libraries, beginning in the Fall 2022 semester.

What We Can Help With

Every data science question is unique.

The DSA analytics consulting team offers consultation and collaboration with a team of graduate students who provide hands-on research enablement and support.

Client topics range from providing code for analysis and interpretation to building a pipeline or project space to collaborating in other ways to support data science research at NC State.

If you have in-depth data science needs that are likely to last more than a few weeks, hiring a Research Assistant may be the best option. While Libraries and DSA consultants are not available for semester-length (or longer projects), we are happy to facilitate hiring Research Assistants.

Additional data science help is available through the NC State Libraries.