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NC Data Science Education Summit

Catalyzing data-empowered teaching and learning.

North Carolina Data Science Education Summit


It takes a village to educate a student – especially when the landscape is changing. On September 28th, the NC Data Science Education Summit united stakeholders from higher education, K-12, industry, and nonprofits to shape data-driven education in North Carolina. The event, organized by NC State’s Data Science Academy partnered with Data Science 4 Everyone, the Friday Institute for Educational InnovationThe Science House, and the NC School of Science and Mathematics, emphasized early integration of data education for practical applications in daily life. While data science curriculum currently lags behind the vision set by NC State University, the call for change is being catalyzed by educators and students themselves.

North Carolina anticipates a surge in computer and mathematical jobs by 2026, emphasizing the importance of data science skills and educators aren’t waiting for the state to keep up with the times. Many educators who attended the Summit showcased a diverse set of data-driven lesson plans they have already begun implementing in their classrooms. These plans, created by K-12 teachers, covered topics such as battery life prediction, weather pattern analysis, and traffic pattern assessment, all rooted in real data and robust analysis methods differentiated for various age groups.

The NC Data Science Education Summit concluded with participants pledging support for data-empowered teaching and learning over the next decade. North Carolina aims to lead the data science revolution in education, and with the added launch of the North Carolina Data Science + AI Education Network the state is poised to be a national and global leader in data-empowered education.

The NC Data Science Education Summit will be an annual event! If you are interested in attending future summits, please email

Content co-written by Data Science 4 Everyone staff.

Pictures of the Fall 2023 Summit