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2nd Annual DataFest at NC State

The Data Science Academy (DSA) hosted the second annual DataFest at NC State over the  March 31 – April 2 weekend. This interdisciplinary event created a data science community where students and mentors can collaborate on a data science problem for a real client and network during the three-day event.  

Thirty-two undergraduate students from NC State, Meredith College and UNC Charlotte registered for DataFest at NC State to compete and collaborate on a secret dataset provided by the American Statistical Association (ASA). Amongst the eight teams, two teams from Meredith College and one student from UNC Charlotte represented their institutions in this friendly and collaborative competition. Several majors were represented throughout the event creating an opportunity for interdisciplinary work to draw insights from the dataset which was revealed on the first night. 

Majors represented: Statistics, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Forest Management, Engineering, and Non-Degree seeking. 53.7% of the participants were female. 11.4% freshmen, 25.7% sophomore, 48.6% junior, 14.3% senior participants.
Three graphs identifying the demographics of the participants: majors represented, gender, and graduating class.

Throughout the three-day event, DSA  instructors conducted mini workshops for participants to learn more about how to analyze, interpret and present data. In addition, several graduate mentors and faculty members from NC State and Meredith College advised teams as needed.

“I loved the opportunity to explore data analysis with different tools and techniques…”

Julia S., NC State University, Class of 2024

Three students working together on their DataFest at NC State data set.
Three students working together on their DataFest at NC State data set.

Presentations were judged by faculty members from the NC State Department of Statistics and Meredith College. Each team had a different take on the data provided.

“It was fascinating to see just how many insights can be derived from one dataset and understand the impact they have on the population being represented.”

Wanjiru M., Meredith College, Class of  2024

The event was a fun and collaborative competition. Students were excited by the amount of team work involved in solving a BIG Data set. 

“I really enjoyed how collaborative the event was and how much I learned throughout the weekend.”

Vrishank G., NC State University, Class of 2024

All registered participants presented on Sunday. Students were eager to share the insights they gleaned from the data. Their analysis and data stories were clear, concise and supported by the information in the dataset.

As the DSA continues to grow, we hope DataFest at NC State will continue to bring students together from institutions across the state and from majors across the campuses. 

DataFest at NC State Awards

AwardTeamTeam MembersInstitution
Data CommunicationNot So Standard DeviationEvan Dadson
Nicole Berkin
George Katsoulis
Ericka Council
Fernando Lacerda Grandini
NC State
Data CommunicationStats ClubOlivia Zhang
Calvin Chu
Ayesha Darekar
Edward Cristobal
NC State
Data VisualizationThe Famous FourMei Li Moo King
Mwende Mumo
Stephanie Wairagu
Kaelyn Coleman
Meredith College
Ethical Data IssuesRsonistsRebecca Seifert
Jenna Abernethy
Aryan Shinde
Julia Seidel
NC State
Data InsightVoracious VisualizersEmma Brooks
Jeannie Hinton 
Wanjiru Mambo
Salma Emjahhed
Meredith College
InterdisciplinaryAvalancheVrishank Ghosh
Shlok Dave
Samarth Jadia
Pranav Chockalingam
NC State
Data StorytellingFree AgentsEmma Johnson
Ashwin Pandey
Ashwini Jha
Cam Peters
NC State
Wolfpack 2030 Strategic Goals & ValuesTeam 626Tyler Southward
Saumya Gangwal
Zach Richardson
Mahesh Bobbadi
NC State
Awarded teams during DataFest at NC State 2023

About DataFest

The American Statistical Association (ASA) DataFest is a celebration of data in which teams of undergraduates work around the clock to find and share meaning in a large, rich, and complex data set.