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Data Perspectives in Motion

The Data Science Academy states proudly that “Data science is for everyone.” The DSA took the opportunity to collaborate with Artist-in-Residence and choreographer, Killian E. Manning, to communicate just that through a series of vignettes. Manning created a set of dances based on interviews of faculty and staff from each NC State college that communicate how data science connects across academic disciplines. The resulting work, Data Perspectives in Motion, shows how data science contributes to research across NC State.

“The biggest inspiration for me was the interviews with people whose work intersects with the Data Science Academy in so many interesting ways. Their energy and conviction sealed my determination to make something equally vibrant,” said Manning. 

Fifteen vignettes were created to represent each college  and show their connection to data science. While these vignettes are listed in numerical order on the website, the viewer can choose their own experience by their area of interest. In addition to the vignettes,  the full version of Data Perspectives in Motion is available to provide a complete experience in one viewing. 

“I hope the interactive nature of the website encourages people to explore the video in easily digestible ‘bites,’ and that they come away intrigued with the possibilities that the intersections of data, text, and movement have to offer our way of seeing the world,” Manning shared after the premiere of the full version. 

Data Perspectives in Motion gives viewers the opportunity to understand data science and the DSA’s vision moving forward. Manning is also teaching a “Data in Motion” course for the Spring 2023 semester, which will allow students to explore how dance and data science can be brought together. If you are interested and would like more details, visit the Upcoming Courses website page

A special thanks to all who helped make this vision possible:  

  • Killian E. Manning, Video Director, Choreographer, and Editor
  • Luna Vanamna, Media Producer
  • Rachel Levy, DSA Executive Director
  • Even Kidd, Media Producer
  • Phillip Daniels, Project Manager
  • Matt Levy, Music Composition
  • Bita Akram, Speaker – College of Engineering
  • Mara Blake, Speaker – University Libraries
  • Jennifer Capps, Speaker and Dancer – University College
  • Jeffery Diebold, Speaker – College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Joshua Gray, Speaker – College of Natural Resources
  • Emily Griffith, Speaker – College of Sciences
  • Aaron Hipp, Speaker – College of Natural Resources
  • Daniela Jones, Speaker – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Hollylynne Lee, Speaker – College of Education
  • Deborah Littlejohn, Speaker – College of Design
  • Gustavo Machado, Speaker – College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Bill Rand, Speaker – Poole College of Management
  • Arvind K. Saibaba, Speaker – College of Sciences
  • Cranos Williams, Speaker – College of Engineering, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Alyson Wilson, Speaker – Office of Research and Innovation
  • Mengmeng Zhu, Speaker – Wilson College of Textiles
  • Ari D’Allesandro, Dancer
  • Chanel Carrell, Dancer
  • Khan Carrell, Dancer
  • Zubin Narayan, Dancer
  • Sorali Patel, Dancer
  • Ethan Sichel, Dancer
  • Carter Strong, Dancer
  • Rachel Timerlake, Dancer
  • Mayson Watson, Dancer