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Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant to Support Data Consulting

Funded by a $49,000 grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the NC State Data Science Academy (DSA) and NC State University Libraries are leading the Models for Sustainable and Inclusive Data Science Consulting and Collaboration in Higher Education workshop series. This series will focus on mechanisms for delivering data science research support via consulting and collaboration models, as well as developing policies and discussing infrastructure that supports robust, inclusive and sustainable practices.

The Data Science Academy and the NC State University Libraries collaborate on programs in which graduate students serve as Data Science Consultants who provide help with data analysis, visualization, machine learning, and data science tools such as R, Python, SAS and MATLAB. These programs are free for any NC State student or researcher to utilize.

“In the libraries, we have seen the positive impact of Data Science Consulting services on our campus community. I look forward to continuing to partner with the Data Science Academy and our other colleagues working in this sub-specialty of the field to continue to find ways to make these consulting services more sustainable and inclusive.”  ~ Mara Blake, Department Head, Data & Visualization Services, University Libraries

For the workshop series, twenty-five data science consulting/collaboration experts will be brought together to exchange ideas and share practices, strategies, struggles, and successes. Virtual pre-workshop meetings will be held monthly beginning in January 2023, leading to an in-person two-day workshop in May 2023.  The workshop series will culminate in a publication that will serve as a reference for other academic institutions that would like to develop and grow their own collaborative consulting practices. In addition, the Academic Data Science Alliance has partnered for the conference and will build an ongoing community of practice.

“Observing the Data Science Consultants work effectively in collaborative and interdisciplinary teams has been incredibly rewarding here at NC State. I’m excited to partner with the NC State University Libraries and bring together a successful group of colleagues to discuss how to make the high-quality work we’re all doing recognized, inclusive, and sustainable.”  ~ Emily Griffith, Director of Consulting, Data Science Academy

Recruitment for this workshop was conducted in October 2022 and the participants have already been selected.  For additional details about the program visit our workshop website