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Soham Milind Mudalgikar

Operations Research


My research interests are data science-deep learning, mathematical modelling and computational finance. Specifically, I focus on addressing challenges associated with memory-involved patterns, clustering and sequential data in the fields of engineering and computational finance. I have worked on projects which have dealt with machine learning models, neural networks, Monte Carlo simulation, time series models and text mining. I also have experience in problems related to mechatronics, production systems, logistics engineering, inventory optimization and demand forecasting.



  • Gurobi
  • Python
  • R


  • deep learning (feed forward networks, recurrent networks)
  • machine learning (regression analysis, decision trees)
  • principal component analysis
  • statistical inference
  • time series analysis
  • unsupervised learning (k-means, DBSCAN)

I’m interested in working on…

I have developed an interest in projects that involve natural language processing (NLP) and data mining. I have less experience, but would like work on interpreting machine learning results and why they work.


B.E. Mechanical Engineering Shivaji University

Master of Operations Research NC State

Ph.D. Operations Research NC State