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Five Reasons the Definition of an NC State Academy Matters

In the March 2021 Data Science Academy press release and the June 2021 Executive Director announcement, the Provost explained,

At NC State, an academy identifies a true universitywide effort involving all 10 colleges. It encompasses multiple departments, centers and institutes and addresses all three pillars of the university’s land-grant mission: education, research and service to the state of North Carolina.

Why is this definition important?

  1. The scope of the definition distinguishes an NC State Academy from existing entities such as initiatives, institutes, centers, departments and colleges.
  2. The vision highlights the uniqueness of NC State’s approach to whole campus efforts.
  3. The inclusiveness galvanizes interdisciplinarity and collaboration.
  4. The scale attracts and motivates participants, partners, and donors.
  5. The mission to involve every college and pillar guides prioritization, strategic planning and assessment.

This clear directive for Academies from the Provost provides a common vision and motivating principles that will tie the academies together and guide their work.