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3 Reasons to Take a DSC Course

The Data Science Academy has expanded its course list!

Did you know? You can take Data Science (DSC) courses as electives: students can choose from several topics listed under the DSC prefix.

Courses are open to undergraduate and graduate students from any major in any college. Faculty, postdocs and staff are also welcome and encouraged to enroll.

The DSC 295 & 495 – Special Topics in Data Science sections reflect the Data Science Academy vision that data science is for everyone.

Here are three reasons to add a DSC course to your schedule.

1. Data science is for everyone – that means you!

At NC State, data science is for everyone, no matter their major. If you’ve ever been interested in big data, data visualization, machine learning or other topics you’ve heard about, our courses are for you!

Most of our courses have no prerequisites, making them perfect for getting to know data science and exploring ways to do data science in (or beyond) your major.

2. DSC courses are all one-credit

Since all DSC courses are one-credit, they’re a bite-sized way to explore data science.

Classes meet for 50 minutes a week and have no more than three hours of out-of-class work. There are no tests and everything is project-based.

Read more about what to expect in a DSC course.

3. DSC course topics may surprise you

Upcoming course topics range from data communication to cybersecurity to biomedical data sharing and beyond. From social sciences to humanities to STEM fields, DSC courses offer many ways into data science.

There’s truly something for everyone.

Add a DSC course and start – or continue – exploring data science!